A 5 step guide to eating healthier

It is now the new year and everyone is doing their New Year Resolutions.  Many people say they want to lose weight or eat healthier.  Remember there isn’t a magic diet out there, eating healther is a lifestyle change that you must put in the dedication to accomplish.  Here are my 5 tips for getting yourself to eat healthier and working toward that lifestyle change we all aim for.

1.  The first step to eating better is making defining meals you want to eat for the week that are healthy before making a grocery list & going to the store.

2.  Make a grocery list itemizing the items you only need to make those meals.

3.  Go to the grocery store and only purchase the items on that list. (never go to the grocery store hungry)

4.  Go home and prepare the meals ahead of time if possible to reduce the cooking time it takes for those meals.

5.  Actually cook and eat the meals you chose in item 1. (remember to eat normal portion sizes, a portion of meat is 6 ounces)

6.  goto 1. rinse & repeat

I know this is easier said than done, but give it a try for your health’s sake.  Remember if you don’t plan complete items 1 & 2 your going to the grocery store blind and will most certainly over buy & buy items that are not the most healthy.
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