I was quoted in a BBC article about Flickr

Some of you probably already know that Flickr is forcing us old skool Flickr users to merge our Flickr accounts to a Yahoo account, and we are pissed.  Basically Yahoo/Flickr is screwing the people that made them popular in the first place.  I was quoted in a BBC article about this very issue.  I’ve never been quoted in such a widely read publication before, it’s a little bit exciting.  I guess I know have my 15 minutes of fame.  BTW, here is my quote:

Why are the Old Skool members being treated like second class citizens on this issue? We are the community that made Yahoo buy you guys.

Jeff O’Hara
Flickr user zemote

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3 thoughts on “I was quoted in a BBC article about Flickr

  1. That’s awesome Jeff! I certainly agree with you on this issue. I knew it was probably going to happen eventually, but now that the time has come it just feels unfair.

  2. Hey, guess what? You’ve just been quoted twice because I sent my IT department your write-up of Microsoft’s Vista after they sent an email about beginning the process of testing and migration to the system. I told them that I didn’t know whether you were an authority on the matter, just that I read your blog and you always have rather insightful things to say about new technologies. I sent them your comments as an FYI so they can investigate some of the instabilities that may currently exist in the system. I’m sure they are way ahead of me on this matter, but yours is not the first negative commentary I’ve heard about Vista.

    Hope you don’t mind, but please tell me if you do. I am not a technology buff by any means, but I always consider your commentary to be very meaningful, especially since you speak from actually using the products.

  3. Don’t mind at all. I work in IT so I am as much as an authority as any other IT worker out there. Currently I am not recommending Vista at work. That recommendation may change as in a few months as more hardware support comes down the pipe, but IT workers need more time testing and working with Vista to provide relatively decent support.

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