Digital Work flows

Last night I had an extremely bad experience capturing video from my MiniDV Camcorder. During the capture my heart dropped as my video camera proceeded to eat my tape. After this occurence I wiped my eyes dry and started to think about how currently the video work flows are and how we can enhance them so we can 1. speed them up and 2. make them a little more crash proof. In the video space Hard Drive camcorders are starting to become more prevalent.

Using a Hard Drive based camcorder would have eliminated my tape from getting eaten and would have also allowed me to transfer the video much quicker to my computer than I would have by capturing a 1 hour MiniDV tape.

It takes 1 hour to capture 1 hour of footage on tape when it only takes a few minutes to transfer video from a Hard Drive based device. Simple Video workflow solutions would cut production time immensely and allow me to concentrate more fully on editing and actually getting a product out.

Changing your work flow can be applied to any aspect of your life. Be creative, how can you manage your work flows to increase your productivity. Is it a simple process change or a Technological advance or both. Be creative, alter your work flows, be more productive, get more done. Post a work flow hack in the comments.

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