Super Simple Screencasts for Free!

Screeencast-O-maticI just found out about a new site that allows you to make screencasts with extremely little effort called . I tested it out and any user should be able to create a screen cast in just few minutes with out installing any software on your computer. I have used expensive products like Camtasia Studio and let me tell you Screencast-O-Matic is much easier and will do almost everything the average screencaster could need. Let’s say you wanted to show someone where to find something in an application, just create a quick screencast in screencast-o-matic and e-mail them the link. Here is a screen cast I did while I was writing this blog post. Currently the screencast is available in Java if you host the video on screencast-o-matic’s servers, but you are able to export to a Quicktime .Mov file and upload it to your favorite video sharing service, ex. Youtube, Revver, What are you waiting for, go create some screencasts 🙂

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