Photo of the day 5-31-07

I am creating a new goal for myself. I want to publish & post at least one photo each day to my blog. Here is my first Photo-of-the-day and hope you enjoy them. I took this photo in my gardens @ a week ago with my Nikon D40.



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5 thoughts on “Photo of the day 5-31-07

  1. Really Nice!

    I was looking to buy the recently released Nikon D40X.

    The only thing that worried me was that a review stated that many functions was only reachable through the menu system and that was a hassle.

    Do you have an opinion about that?

    All the best,

  2. I do have an opinion. The D40 has the best menu system out there right now in my opinion. I find changing things extremely easy on this camera, the big thing people have in issue is with there being no secondary LCD on the top of the camera, I actually prefer the way the D40 handles it on the back, cause i don’t have to turn the camera to look at the settings information. More cameras are getting rid of the secondary LCD on top. My question is why the D40x. I find the D40x to be at a bad price point, your paying 200 bucks extra for only megapixels which I think is a big ripoff. Your not going to see any increase in quality of the image. You may be able to crop just a bit tighter. People make posters that look great on the D40.


  3. I agree, for the price of a d40x why not pay a little more for a d80?

    Very nice picture did you photoshop this? I am wondering how you exposed just the flower without capturing much of the background?

    I just started my photoblog this week hope to add more pictures in time


  4. Very little photoshopping, not sure why I lost the EXIF data, i’ll have to figure out why. From what I remember I took it with the Nikkor 55-200mm VR lens, aperature probably was at f5.6 at 200mm taken from about 1 yard away. In photoshop’s camera raw i adjusted the white balance with auto as , exposure shadows brightness contrast and saturation are set to auto, then on this particular photo i bumped up the shadows and saturation a bit & a bit of sharpening, save, done. I actually rarely shoot in raw, I find the work flow a bit too long for my tastes. Every now and then i switch it over and like to play.

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