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Well i’m back to blogging after taking the weekend off due to the Memorial Day Weekend.  Hope everyone had a good and safe weekend, there are a lot of crazy’s on the road, drinking to much from their barbeque’s and such.

Are we expected to fail? – Matt Inglot

Matt Inglot has a great article about our thoughts about failure.

I definately recommend reading Matt if your interested in starting a business as he has some great tips and insight.

I’m currently in the proccess of starting my own business, I don’t really have a huge fear of failure right now, but that may change the day I decide to quit my day job, but right now I can’t do it as I have a mortgage to pay.  Once I get enough clients I definately hope to quit the day job.

Do you have a fear of failure?  It’s scary starting out, right now i’m devoloping the business plan and it’s going well.  Next step finish the website and get clients, the hard part, but as long as I keep focused, i’m confident that success is in my future.

How not to succeed

Achieve-IT has a post about how not to guarantee failure.  Love it!!!  The problem is most people do all 10 of these.

I have problems with some of them, I really am striving to get things done and increase my success.  Everyday I do a little bit more, sooner or later i’m going to be so productive, success will be guaranteed!!!

PayLoadz – Sell your Digital Warez

Update – Looks like I posted some mis-information. Payloadz is not affiliated or owned by e-bay or paypal. I guess I just made an assumption. Thank, Alan Joyce from for the the correction.
payloadzWant to sell your digital warez yourself? Paypal has a new service called Payloadz that will assist you in that. This seems like a great service for people that want to sell their digital goods, whether it be music, ebooks, video, etc, and don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up their own store.

Via Lifehacker


dreamhostWell i’ve been thinking about getting hosting for some projects i’m working on and have been looking at I’ve been worried about their quality of service because they are extremely cheap. I’ve just discovered their blogs, and the fact that a hosting company is blogging their experiences and blogging their problems, they are experience shows me they are being very transparent with their company and I respect that a lot. They have pretty much sealed the deal with me as far as who i’m going to go with as far as hosting.

Here are 2 articles everyone needs to read if they are looking at hosting.

1. The Truth About Overselling
2. Webhosting’s Dirty Laundry

How much is your domain worth?

LeapfishEver wondered what your domain name is actually worth? Now you can find out. will give you an estimate based on what they call a “Value Multiplyer”. Here is what my domain is worth according to Leapfish. Not sure if I believe it. Any item for sale is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, so your domain could be worth more or less depending on what someone is willing to pay.